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How to trade gold using price action technical analysis and chart patterns. Gold trading strategy that works.
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In this video, I will explain how to trade gold using price action technical analysis and chart patterns. I will explain the strategies, techniques, and tips to find the best entry points trading xauusd.

One of the chart patterns I will discuss is the pennant pattern, which is a continuation pattern that often lead to a strong breakout in the direction of the trend. I will also talk about how to trade inside patterns and consolidations, as well as how to trade the chart pattern breakouts.

I will also explain more technical analysis trading techniques that I use to trade gold. These techniques include hidden support and resistance levels, as well as price action forecasting.

I also show one of my live gold trade that I made and explain the reasoning behind it. This will include an analysis of the cup and handle chart pattern and how to trade failed breakouts. I explain how to find the best entry and exit points, as well as how to set stop loss and take profit orders. Preferably wait for a 10X Trading System signal (our signal indicator based on price action, trends, and levels) in confluence with your technical analysis to give you extra confirmation and a high probability entry points with good risk reward ratio.

What we cover in this video
– Technical analysis pennant chart pattern
– How to trade inside patterns and consolidations
– How to trade chart pattern breakouts
– Technical analysis trading techniques
– Hidden support and resistance levels
– Gold price action forecast
– My gold trade explained
– The cup and handle chart pattern
– How to trade failed breakouts
– Best entry and exit signals
– Gold trading strategy on setting entry stop loss SL
– Trading tips to set best take profit target TP

XAUUSD Trading Strategy | How To Trade Gold, Forex Day Trading Strategies PDF

Day Trading For Dummies XAUUSD Trading Strategy | How To Trade Gold.

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Benefits as well as Negative Aspects of Day Trading

One of the most considerable advantage of day trading is that placements are not affected by the possibility of adverse over night information that has the possible to affect the rate of safeties materially. Such information includes important economic and also incomes records, along with broker upgrades as well as downgrades that happen either before the marketplace opens up or after the marketplace shuts.

Trading on an intraday basis supplies a number of other crucial benefits. One advantage is the capacity to make use of limited stop-loss orders the act of elevating a stop rate to minimize losses from a lengthy setting. An additional includes the enhanced accessibility to margin as well as hence, greater leverage. Day trading likewise gives traders with more discovering chances.

However, with every positive side, there are likewise storm clouds. Negative aspects of day trading include not enough time for a setting to see rises in profit, sometimes any type of revenue whatsoever, and increased payment prices due to trading extra often which gnaws at the revenue margins an investor can expect.

Forex Day Trading Benefits

  • Placements are normally shut at the end of each day and are so untouched by risk from over night information or off-hours broker moves.
  • Tight stop-loss orders can shield settings from severe activities.
  • Routine traders have actually access to increased take advantage of as well as lower compensations.
  • Countless professions boost the hands-on knowing experience.

Forex Day Trading Drawbacks

  • Regular professions do suggest numerous payment expenses.
  • Some assets are out-of-bounds, like mutual funds.
  • There may not suffice time for a position to recognize an earnings prior to it needs to be closed out.
  • Losses can place swiftly, particularly if the margin is used to fund acquisitions. Margin telephone calls are an actual threat.

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