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i-Trend (MAT/MOT – Indicators)

This is my newly created tool which allows you to get a closer look to the actual and the historic trend of the market!

You can see two new indicators called MAT and MOT on seven different timeframes at the same time!

MAT and MOT:

MAT is calculated by the moving-average-trend of the last five candles in each timeframe.

MOT is calculated by the momentum-trend of the last five candles in each timeframe.

Take a while and look how the arrows (mostly the M1-arrows) are moving with the market.

The arrows can turn from the bottom, left turn up to the top, while they are changing their color from red to green and vice versa. In a chart, where most of the arrows show upwards, it will not make sense to open a sell-order on the current symbol. But if a MOT-arrow begins to turn down from a high value, it may be interesting to open a turn-around-short-position on the timeframe of the turning arrow. But this decision is yours. I cannot guarantee, that if the arrows behave in this or that way, that this will always lead to successful trades! This tool is only a visualization of the trends in the actual market.

The next very useful tool is the button in the left upper corner of the indicator. If you press this button, the button gets red and now the arrows are showing the values from the time of the mouse-cursor-position. Please be careful – this tool can cause very high processor-load!

If you see yellow question marks instead of arrows, your MT4 has not enough historic data for this symbol and timeframe.

You can switch back to the actual view by pressing the button again!


The moving average, the calculation is based on

TrendIndicatorMomentumPeriods: The momentum indicator, the calculation is based on.

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MetaTrader MT4 Scalp-Tools i-Trend Trend Indicator, Scalp Tool R1

Scalp Tool R1, MetaTrader MT4 Scalp-Tools i-Trend Trend Indicator.

How can I make money quickly in foreign exchange?

The method to make money quickly in foreign exchange, is to recognize the power of substance growth. For instance, if you target 50% a year in your trading, you can expand a first $20,000 account, to over a million dollars, in under 10 years. Damage the standard, and gain even more. Follow several of these pointers and make your method right into the huge gains!

Choosing a Charting Time Frame.

In order to implement professions over and over once more, you will require to have a system that you can comply with almost instantly. Since scalping doesn’t offer you time for an extensive analysis, you have to have a system that you can utilize continuously with a reasonable level of self-confidence. As a scalper, you will require really short-term charts, such as tick charts, or one- or two-minute charts and maybe a five-minute graph.


Rules are a harmonizing act. Inadequate will bring about economic abnormalities and poor defense to specific traders; way too much will bring about an absence of competitiveness in global markets. One major difficulty reported with U.S. foreign exchange regulatory authorities is that take advantage of supplied is restricted to 50:1, while global brokers, outside of U.S. regulations purview, offer as much as 1000:1 take advantage of. Traders and capitalists require to take a careful method, guaranteeing safety and security first.

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