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easy-forex, one of the pioneering forces in global retail forex, just launched one of the most exciting forex trading competitions ever seen in the industry. Two traders will get the experiences of a lifetime with luxury trips to Australia and one of them will get a chance to win a million dollars in cash.
Entering the competition is easy; both new and experienced traders worldwide have equal chances to compete in becoming the top performing trader and a millionaire. The competition takes into account performance balances, giving new traders the same chance to win as the pros.
Two traders will win all expense paid trips to the final home game of National Rugby League’s Canterbury Bulldogs in Sydney. That’s not all, during the game’s half time and in front of a packed stadium the top trader will get the chance to kick their way to becoming an instant millionaire. An international first for a forex company, easy-forex is leveraging the recent launch of their sponsorship of NRL team, the Bulldogs.
Recently appointed CMO, Hillik Nissani says ‘We wanted to come up with a really exciting competition that gives traders a taste of the thrill of trading the world’s markets. The competition had to appeal to all our traders, at all levels, in all countries, and we wanted to highlight our proud sponsorship of the Bulldogs Rugby League team. We launched the competition only a few days ago and we’re getting a huge response from our traders — even in places where rugby is not well known. The $1 Million competition is just the first step in a chain of surprises for our traders being rolled out over the next couple of months.
The competition is open to anyone who opens a trading account at

easy-forex, $1 Million Trading Competition & two luxury trips to Australia, Forex Algorithmic Trading Competition

Forex Algorithmic Trading Competition, easy-forex, $1 Million Trading Competition & two luxury trips to Australia.

Why do traders lose money?

While the numbers vary a little from research to research, the reality is several traders will lose money and it can’t be prevented. All type of factors are offered for the losses, consisting of bad money management, negative timing, or a poor strategy. … A lot of traders will lose despite what approaches they use.

Recommended Book for Trading Strategies

Building Algorithmic Trading Systems: A Trader’s Journey From Data Mining to Monte Carlo Simulation to Live Trading, + Website

Book by Kevin J. Davey

Front Cover - Building Algorithmic Trading SystemsDevelop your own trading system with practical guidance and expert advice In Building Algorithmic Trading Systems: A Trader’s Journey From Data Mining to Monte Carlo Simulation to Live Training, award-winning trader Kevin Davey shares his secrets for developing trading systems that generate triple-digit returns. read more…

Originally published: June 11, 2014
Author: Kevin J. Davey

If you have made it this much, you definitely now have the essentials to get going in algo trading. Yet what’s next?

The primary step is to make a decision if algo trading is truly something you intend to delve into. Presuming you have the programs abilities, you likewise need the desire. Don’t do it since you have buck signs in your eyes. Do it for the difficulty of cracking the market’s code.

Don’t attempt to force on your own to algo trade if it does not feel suitable. Good trading suggests not forcing points your trading needs to fit your individuality, abilities and capacities.

Next, if you have not already, select a trading platform, learn to program strategies with it, and begin creating some simple trading algos. Examine example algos, and attempt to customize them. Hands on experience with programs trading systems is vital, so begin as soon as you can.

Become as efficient as you can with the trading software and programs of strategies.
There are a few appropriate ways to create an algo trading system, and many more upside-down. I’ve already shared some of the excellent ways, and likewise some of the negative ways. You could intend to take a while, do some study, and search out specialists in algo trading who share their approaches. Just look out, as most instructors are cheats who just trade on a simulator.

Ask for student references, seek independent confirmation of trading results, and so on. Be unconvinced your algo job depends upon doing points properly, and learning from the appropriate educator.
Naturally, you can learn to algo trade the method I did:

Program an algo, test minimally

  • Trade it deal with real money
  • Lose money when inaccurately
  • built algo crumbles
  • Inform on your own it will be different next time
  • Begin again at step
  • On second thought do not do it the method I did it is way also costly!

The next step, once you have a trading system you feel good about, is to start and trade on a small range with real money. Trading with real money changes points. I recognize a great deal of substitute trading millionaires, but very few real money trading millionaires.

While it is good to begin trading with real money, do not trade too early in your algo job, specifically if you have restricted trading capital. Lots of traders fall into this trap, and blow out their accounts before they truly comprehend what is going on. The marketplaces will always be below, but you can’t take part unless you have trading capital.

The final step, once you have established some trading systems and commenced real-time trading, is to examine your efficiency and boost. Be straightforward with on your own. If trading is not working out, ask on your own what you can do to boost. It might be transforming your advancement procedure, or your placement sizing method, or perhaps simply trading different markets. The secret is you should regularly be wanting to improve. Nevertheless, there are lots of new algo traders attempting to beat you.
A Final Idea

To sum up, keep in mind that algo trading is hard. Being a wonderful designer is just part of the problem. Yet with the appropriate abilities, desire and advancement procedure, ending up being successful at creating algo trading systems is definitely possible.

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