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Trading Spreadsheet for Algorithmic Trading with Expert Advisors is a free lecture from the MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading course + Weekly Robots. You can find it on our website:

In this video – Trading Spreadsheet for Algorithmic Trading with Expert Advisors, I’m going to be showing you how I compare my Expert Advisors for the previous week and the previous month and the parameters or the performance that I look for when I select the Expert Advisors that I’m going to use on my live account.

So this is the trading spreadsheet that I use, and this will be attached as a resource to this lecture on our website.

So the first thing that I do is on the 2 columns at the top, I put in the data. I’m using Libre Office, but I believe it is very similar in Excel.

So the first thing I do is I’m going to merge cells. Then I’m going to put on today’s day. Today is the 11th, OK, just center that.

And then, what you can see below here is all of my various Demo accounts. The stuff you see in green is the Expert Advisors that I have selected based on the performance criteria that I’m looking for.

And that performance criteria would be a profit factor of 1.4 and a minimum trade count of 3.

So that’s 3 trades that have opened and closed with a minimum profit factor of 1.4. So what I’m going to do next is I’m going to go to FX Blue, and I’m going to check the performance of my EAs, and that’ll be for the last week.

So this is something in it, so weekly or monthly. Now, most of the time, I do it weekly and monthly. Of course, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes I’m busy. I don’t have time to check it exactly a week later.

So it might be the last 8 days or the last 9 days, and monthly, although it says monthly, it’s not necessarily always, because obviously when I put new Expert Advisors for the month onto my platform, I then let them run for 2 weeks.

And then what I’ll do is I’ll check the performance for the last week, and for the 2 weeks before that. Next week, I’ll check it weekly, and I’ll check it for the last 3 weeks.

And then finally, I’ll check weekly and then for the last month. So although it says monthly, it’s not strictly monthly.

It’s just so that I know that there is a difference between the last week and the other time period that I am checking it in.

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Trading Spreadsheet for Algorithmic Trading with Expert Advisors, Forex Algorithmic Trading Forum

Forex Algorithmic Trading Forum, Trading Spreadsheet for Algorithmic Trading with Expert Advisors.

Can AI anticipate supplies?

Stock markets are driven by HUMAN BEING EMOTIONS. So, if your algorithm can analyse human emotions and also responses then it can anticipate stocks additionally. Although AI can help you in evaluating stocks based upon previous occasions and also information yet incorporating it with feelings is an uphill struggles.

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Book by Kevin J. Davey

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Advantages of Automated Trading
Algo-trading gives the complying with advantages:

Trades are implemented at the most effective possible costs.
Profession order positioning is immediate and accurate (there is a high opportunity of execution at the preferred levels).
Trades are timed appropriately and also promptly to stay clear of substantial price adjustments.
Decreased transaction expenses.
Simultaneous automated look at multiple market conditions.
Decreased threat of hands-on mistakes when placing trades.
Algo-trading can be backtested utilizing readily available historical as well as real-time information to see if it is a feasible trading approach.
Minimized the opportunity of errors by human investors based on psychological as well as mental variables.
Many algo-trading today is high-frequency trading (HFT), which attempts to maximize putting a large number of orders at fast speeds across numerous markets and also numerous decision specifications based upon preprogrammed directions.

Algo-trading is used in many kinds of trading and also financial investment tasks consisting of:

Mid- to long-term investors or buy-side firms– pension plan funds, mutual funds, insurance companies make use of algo-trading to acquire stocks in big amounts when they do not wish to affect stock costs with distinct, large-volume investments.

Temporary traders and also sell-side individuals market manufacturers (such as broker agent homes), speculators, and arbitrageurs gain from automated profession implementation; in addition, algo-trading aids in creating adequate liquidity for vendors in the marketplace.
Methodical investors pattern fans, hedge funds, or pairs traders (a market-neutral trading strategy that matches a long placement with a brief position in a set of extremely associated tools such as 2 supplies, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or currencies)– find it far more efficient to configure their trading rules as well as allow the program profession immediately.
artificial intelligence trading offers a more organized method to active trading than techniques based upon investor intuition or impulse.

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Warning about Forex Risk

Please note that trading in leveraged products may entail a substantial degree of risk and is not ideal for all investors. You must not run the risk of more than you are prepared to shed. Before choosing to trade, please guarantee you understand the dangers involved and also consider your degree of experience. Look for independent guidance if required.