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How did Les Brown become so successful?
What is the Secret to Success? What is the key to some people rising above the rest?
Learn directly from Terri Liggins, renowned ghostwriter for Les Brown, and many other famous authors and personalities.
In this episode, she shares the no-holds-barred, behind-the-scenes of what it takes to be successful.

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The #1 Key to Success!

Momentum Property Education teaches property investing. Our goal is to give you all the tools you need in order to be successful.
You’ll find videos on this channel teaching you everything from how to find your first deal, build your team, calculate deals to raising money, and how to keep motivated when you face challenges.

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0:00 The Secret to Success -Terri Liggins
2:26 Introduction of Terri Liggins
10:50 Key Lesson
17:20 What Terri Liggins Learn
22:12 How you do anything is how you do everything!
23:39 Club House
35:00 Secret to Success

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The Secret to Success - Terri Liggins | Momentum Property Education, Famous Momentum Investors

Famous Momentum Investors, The Secret to Success – Terri Liggins | Momentum Property Education.

Momentum in financing is based upon the adhering to essential factors:


Volume is the quantity of a particular property that is traded within an offered amount of time. Volume is not the number of deals, however the number of possessions traded– so, if 5 customers purchase one property each, it looks the same as if one customer acquisitions 5 of the property.

Volume is important to Momentum investors, as they require to be able to enter and also exit positions swiftly, which counts on there being a stable stream of customers and also sellers out there. If a market has a high number of customers and also sellers, it is referred to as a liquid market as it is easier to exchange a possession for cash money. Whereas if a market has a reduced number of customers and also sellers, it is regarded as illiquid.


Volatility is A Momentum investors’ bread and butter. Volatility is the level of modification in a possession’s cost– if a market is very unstable, it means that there are big cost swings, while a market with reduced volatility is somewhat secure.

Momentum investors will choose unstable markets, in order to benefit from temporary rises and falls in a possession’s worth. As Momentum trading attempts to capitalise on volatility, it is essential to have an ideal danger administration approach in place to shield your professions from unfavorable market movements. This must include stops and also restrictions.


Momentum trading methods are typically focused on temporary market movements, however the period of a trade can rely on how much time the trend keeps its stamina. This can make appropriates for investors who employ longer-term designs such as setting trading, along with those who prefer temporary designs, such as day trading and also scalping.

How to start Momentum trading
Determine the property you have an interest in
Devise A Momentum trading approach based upon technological indications and also analysis
Practise trading in a risk-free environment using an IG demo account
Start trading on real-time markets by opening up an account with IG
Additionally, you can find out more regarding trading methods and also indications with IG Academy’s range of on-line programs.

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