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0:00 Intro
1:27 Strategy Settings
3:10 How to confirm the Trend
4:13 How to place trades
6:28 Another example
7:52 What is the risk
8:31 How much MONEY can YOU make

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Disclaimer: As per CFTC Rules, U.S Traders should not trade Binary Options. Investing in CFD involves a level of risk, which is why potential or total loss can be a result of mismanagement of our trading tools. This video is for educational purposes and should not be taken as investment advice. This video may include affiliate links, which means that if you use any of those links I may get a small commission.

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Just how do you trade forex patterns?

Right here’s the checklist of chart patterns that we’re going to cover:
  • Double Leading and Double Bottom.
  • Head and Shoulders and Inverse Head and Shoulders.
  • Rising and Falling Wedges.
  • Favorable and Bearish Rectangular Shapes.
  • Bearish and Favorable Pennants.
  • Triangulars (In Proportion, Ascending, and Coming Down).

Instance of Forex Scalping the EUR/USD.

Presume a forex scalper trades the EUR/USD using a fad trading technique. They determine the recent fad, wait for a pullback, and afterwards buy when the price begins returning in the trending instructions.

Depending upon volatility, the investor typically takes the chance of four pips and takes profit at eight pips. The benefit is twice the risk, which is a positive risk/reward. If volatility is greater than usual, the investor will certainly take the chance of even more pips, and attempt to make a larger profit, but the position size will certainly be smaller than with the four pip stop loss.

Presume the investor has a $10,000 account and wants to take the chance of 0.5% of their account per profession. That indicates they can shed $50 per profession. They are taking the chance of four pips. Each basic whole lot ($ 100,000) corresponds to $10 in profit or loss per pip. Since the investor is taking the chance of four pips, they can trade 1.25 basic lots ($ 50/ (4 pips x $10)). If they shed four pips on 1.25 basic lots, they will certainly shed $50 which is their optimum risk per profession. Their profit is double, so if they make eight pips, they will certainly gain $100.

The account has $10,000 in it, yet they are using a $100,000 position size. This is 10:1 leverage.

Final Verdict:

Scalpers can no more trust real-time market deepness evaluation to get the deal signals they need to book several small profits in a typical trading day. Fortunately, they can adapt to the modern electronic environment and utilize the technical indicators reviewed above that are custom-tuned to very small time frameworks.

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