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The best strategy is simple and fast | FOREX
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The best strategy is simple and fast | FOREX, Forex Momentum Trading Journal Athens

Forex Momentum Trading Journal Athens, The best strategy is simple and fast | FOREX.

What are the types of Forex Momentum?

the Momentum. There are 2 sort of the Momentum, linear and also angular. A spinning things has angular the Momentum; an item traveling with a velocity has linear the Momentum. For now, and also throughout chapter 7, we’ll manage linear the Momentum, and also simply describe it as the Momentum, without the linear.

Here are a few of the technical sign devices generally utilized by investors to track Momentum and also get a feel for whether it’s a great time to enter or leave a trade within a trend.

Relocating averages:

These can aid determine general cost patterns and also Momentum by smoothing what can seem erratic cost movements on short-term graphes right into even more quickly understandable aesthetic pattern lines. They’re determined by adding the closing rates over a given number of periods and also dividing the outcome by the number of periods taken into consideration. They can be easy relocating averages, or rapid relocating averages that give better weight to more current cost activity.

Closely Equal stamina index (RSI):

As the name suggests, it gauges the stamina of the existing cost activity over current periods. The aim is to show the probability of whether the existing pattern is solid in contrast to previous efficiency.


The stochastic oscillator compares the existing cost of an asset with its range over a defined amount of time. When the pattern lines in the oscillator reach oversold conditions– generally a reading of listed below twenty they show a higher cost Momentum is at hand. And when they get to overbought conditions generally a reading of above 80 they show that a down cost Momentum is ahead.

Relocating average merging aberration (MACD):

This tool is an indicator that compares rapid- and also slow-moving rapid relocating cost average pattern lines on a chart against a signal line. This reveals both cost Momentum and also possible cost pattern reversal points. When the lines are further apart, Momentum is taken into consideration to be solid, and also when they are converging, Momentum is slowing down and also cost is likely approaching a turnaround.

Commodity channel index (CCI):

This Momentum sign compares the “normal cost” of an asset (or average of high, low and also closing rates) against its easy relocating average and also mean deviation of the normal cost. Like stochastics and also other oscillators, its aim is showing overbought and also oversold conditions. Readings over 100 show overbought conditions, and also analyses listed below 100 show oversold conditions.

On equilibrium Volume (OBV):

This Momentum sign compares trading Volume to cost. The principle behind it is that when trading Volume increases substantially without a huge change in cost, it’s an indication of solid cost Momentum. And if Volume lowers, it’s comprehended as a sign that Momentum is lessening.

Stochastic Momentum index (SMI):

This tool is an improvement of the conventional stochastic sign. It gauges where the existing close remains in relation to the axis of a recent high-low range, giving an idea of cost change in relation to the variety of the cost. Its aim is to supply an idea of a turnaround factor neighbors, or if the existing pattern is likely to proceed.

Ordinary directional index (ADX):

This easy oscillator tool aims only at determining pattern Momentum. It stories the stamina of a price pattern on a chart in between values of 0 and also 100: values listed below 30 show sideways cost activity and also an undefined pattern, and also values over 30 show a solid pattern in a certain instructions. As the value approaches 100, the Momentum of the pattern is comprehended to expand stronger.


In this method, investors divide an existing chart right into equivalent periods, divided in blocks. The blocks are after that color-coded according to whether they show a higher pattern or a down pattern; for example, environment-friendly for upward and also red for downward. A 3rd color, yellow, could be utilized to show a sideways pattern. If the chart reveals 2 successive blocks with the very same color, after that it indicates that there is Momentum in a given instructions.

Dangers To Momentum Trading.

Like any style of trading, Momentum trading undergoes risks. It’s been found to be effective when rates comply with on a trend, yet on occasion Momentum investors can be captured off guard when patterns enter into unforeseen reversals.

Investors must remember that:.

Technical analysis bases its projections of the likelihood of cost movements on past cost patterns.
Prices on the market can move in an unexpected manner at any time as a result of unforeseen information occasions, or concerns and also changes in belief on the market.

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Alert about Forex Risk

Please note that trading in leveraged products might include a substantial level of risk and also is not appropriate for all financiers. You must not run the risk of more than you are prepared to shed. Prior to making a decision to trade, please guarantee you comprehend the risks included and also take into consideration your level of experience. Look for independent suggestions if required.