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Using The Stochastic Momentum Index – Complete Video Guide

The stochastic momentum index (SMI) is like the stochastic oscillator on steroids and was brought to the trading world by William Blau.Instead of reading the closing price of the asset as the standard stochastic indicator, the SMI will calculate the closing price in relation to the average of the high/low range.Momentum traders are looking to take advantage of any increase in momentum, generally in the direction of the trend.  The SMI, since it uses a range of data, is considered to be a better and faster read on the changes in momentum.Stochastic Momentum Index BreakdownOscillators like the SMI are often called oversold and overbought indicators.There are two lines called %D and %K that we need to pay attention to:%K is usually set to 5 and represents the main movements of price – slow line%D is the fast line, a simple moving average of the %K and is set to 3These two lines oscillate between the values of +100 and -100.  The 0 line is the median of the high/low range of our look back period.

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Stochastic Momentum Index Secrets - Complete Video Guide, Best Momentum Trading Strategies

Best Momentum Trading Strategies, Stochastic Momentum Index Secrets – Complete Video Guide.

Momentum in money is based upon the adhering to essential aspects:


Volume is the amount of a particular property that is traded within a given amount of time. Volume is not the variety of deals, but the variety of assets traded– so, if 5 buyers purchase one property each, it looks the like if one buyer acquisitions 5 of the property.

Volume is vital to Momentum traders, as they require to be able to go into and also leave placements rapidly, which counts on there being a constant stream of buyers and also vendors on the market. If a market has a high variety of buyers and also vendors, it is called a liquid market as it is less complicated to exchange a possession for money. Whereas if a market has a low variety of buyers and also vendors, it is considered as illiquid.


Volatility is The Momentum traders’ support. Volatility is the level of change in a possession’s price– if a market is highly volatile, it implies that there are big price swings, while a market with low volatility is relatively stable.

Momentum traders will certainly look for volatile markets, in order to take advantage of short-term fluctuates in a possession’s worth. As Momentum trading attempts to capitalise on volatility, it is important to have a suitable threat monitoring strategy in position to protect your trades from adverse market activities. This ought to include quits and also restrictions.


Momentum trading approaches are generally concentrated on short-term market activities, but the duration of a trade can depend on for how long the fad maintains its strength. This might make appropriates for traders that use longer-term designs such as placement trading, in addition to those that prefer short-term designs, such as day trading and also scalping.

Exactly how to start Momentum trading
Determine the property you are interested in
Devise The Momentum trading strategy based upon technical indications and also analysis
Practise trading in a safe environment making use of an IG demo account
Beginning trading on live markets by opening up an account with IG
Additionally, you can learn more regarding trading approaches and also indications with IG Academy’s range of online programs.

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