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Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus – Exclusive Interview with Yeo Kheong Hee, Key Wealth Trainer at Adam Khoo Learning Technology and Bestselling Author of ‘Secrets of Forex Millionaires’ and ‘Peak Performance Forex Trading’.

This video interview is a bonus from the Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus book by Alvin Chow, founder and CEO of Dr Wealth.

In this video, Alvin finds out the following from Yeo Kheong Hee:

00:13 – Who is Yeo Kheong Hee and how did he get into trading
04:47 – How long it took to achieve consistent profits from trading?
07:25 – Kheong Hee’s trading style
11:40 – Does Kheong Hee use any other form of analysis, on top of technicals?
13:41 – An overview to Kheong Hee’s trading strategy
17:14 – How to manage your risk in trading?
20:02 – How to deal with a streak of losses?
22:25 – Kheong Hee’s best and worst trades
23:29 – Importance of sticking to your rules
25:02 – What qualities does a trader need to be successful?

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Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus - Exclusive Interview with Yeo Kheong Hee, Forex Event Driven Trading Education

Forex Event Driven Trading Education, Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus – Exclusive Interview with Yeo Kheong Hee.

Event-Driven Method

What is an Event-Driven Method?
An event-driven method is a kind of financial investment approach that attempts to take advantage of short-lived stock mispricing, which can take place before or after a corporate occasion takes place. It is usually made use of by personal equity or hedge funds due to the fact that it requires essential competence to assess company occasions for effective execution. Instances of business occasions consist of restructurings, mergers/acquisitions, bankruptcy, offshoots, requisitions, and also others. An event-driven strategy manipulates the propensity of a firm’s stock cost to suffer throughout a period of adjustment.

An event-driven technique describes an investment technique in which an institutional investor efforts to make money from a stock mispricing that may happen during or after a corporate occasion.

Typically financiers have teams of specialists who assess business actions from multiple perspectives, prior to suggesting activity.

Instances of business events include mergers and acquisitions, regulative modifications, as well as profits telephone calls.

Understanding Event-Driven Methods

Event-driven strategies have multiple techniques of execution. In all scenarios, the objective of the capitalist is to capitalize on momentary mispricings caused by a business reorganization, restructuring, merger, procurement, personal bankruptcy, or another significant occasion.

Investors that utilize an event-driven technique utilize teams of experts who are specialists in assessing corporate actions and also figuring out the effect of the activity on a company’s stock rate. This evaluation includes, to name a few points, a look at the current regulatory atmosphere, feasible harmonies from mergers or procurements, and a new cost target after the activity has actually happened. A decision is after that made regarding exactly how to invest, based upon the present supply cost versus the most likely rate of the stock after the activity happens. If the evaluation is right, the approach will likely make money. If the analysis is incorrect, the strategy might cost money.

Example of an Occasion Driven Technique

The supply price of a target firm generally increases when a purchase is introduced. An experienced expert team at an institutional investor will judge whether or not the procurement is likely to take place, based on a host of aspects, such as rate, regulatory atmosphere, as well as fit in between the solutions (or products) provided by both firms. If the purchase does not happen, the rate of the stock may endure. The analyst team will then determine the most likely landing place of the stock rate if the acquisition does occur, based on a cautious analysis of the target as well as getting business. If there suffices potential for upside, the investor may buy shares of the target company to offer after the company action is full as well as the target company’s stock price readjusts.

What is a pip in foreign exchange?

Pips are the devices utilized to gauge activity in a foreign exchange set. A foreign exchange pip is normally equal to a one-digit motion in the 4th decimal location of a money set. So, if GBP/USD relocations from $1.35361 to $1.35371, after that it has actually moved a single pip. The decimal locations revealed after the pip are called fractional pips, or often pipettes.

The exemption to this rule is when the quote money is noted in much smaller religions, with the most notable example being the Japanese yen. Below, an activity in the 2nd decimal area comprises a single pip. So, if EUR/JPY actions from ¥ 106.452 to ¥ 106.462, again it has actually relocated a solitary pip.

Final Thoughts:

Event-driven trading methods give an excellent way to capitalize on boosting rate volatility, however there are numerous risks as well as constraints to take into consideration. When developing as well as performing these techniques, it is necessary for traders to establish limited danger controls while supplying adequate space for the unpredictable scenario to play out in the market. In the long run, event-driven trading approaches give a valuable arrow in the quiver of any active trader.

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