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by Gary Antonacci, Author of “Dual Momentum Investing: An Innovative Approach to Higher Returns with Lower Risk”. From QuantCon NYC 2016.

Gary will begin by reviewing the most common investment vehicles throughout history while explaining their advantages and disadvantages. He will then show how momentum can help accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives. Using easily understood examples and historical research findings, Gary will show how relative strength momentum can enhance investment return, while trend-following absolute momentum can dramatically decrease bear market exposure. Finally, Gary will show how you can implement and easily maintain your very own dual momentum portfolio using the best assets classes.

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"More Profit with Less Risk through Dual Momentum" by Gary Antonacci, Momentum Risk

Momentum Risk, "More Profit with Less Risk through Dual Momentum" by Gary Antonacci.

What are the types of Momentum?

Momentum Trader. There are 2 sort of Momentum Trader, straight and also angular. A spinning item has angular Momentum Trader; an item traveling with a velocity has straight Momentum Trader. In the meantime, and also throughout phase 7, we’ll deal with straight Momentum Trader, and also simply describe it as Momentum Trader, without the linear.

Here are a few of the technical indication tools generally used by investors to track Momentum and also get a feel for whether it’s a great time to go into or leave a trade within a trend.

Relocating averages:

These can aid recognize general cost trends and also Momentum by smoothing what can seem erratic cost motions on temporary graphes right into even more easily understandable visual fad lines. They’re computed by adding the closing rates over an offered variety of periods and also separating the outcome by the variety of periods taken into consideration. They can be straightforward relocating averages, or exponential relocating averages that provide greater weight to a lot more current cost activity.

Relative toughness index (RSI):

As the name recommends, it determines the toughness of the present cost activity over current periods. The goal is to show the chance of whether the present fad is solid in contrast to previous efficiency.


The stochastic oscillator compares the present cost of an asset with its range over a defined time period. When the fad lines in the oscillator reach oversold conditions– usually an analysis of below twenty they suggest a higher cost Momentum is at hand. And when they get to overbought conditions usually an analysis of above 80 they suggest that a down cost Momentum is ahead.

Relocating average merging aberration (MACD):

This tool is an indicator that compares rapid- and also slow-moving exponential relocating cost average fad lines on a chart versus a signal line. This exposes both cost Momentum and also possible cost fad turnaround factors. When the lines are further apart, Momentum is taken into consideration to be solid, and also when they are assembling, Momentum is slowing down and also cost is likely moving toward a turnaround.

Asset channel index (CCI):

This Momentum indication compares the “typical cost” of an asset (or standard of high, reduced and also closing rates) versus its straightforward relocating standard and also mean deviation of the typical cost. Like stochastics and also various other oscillators, its goal is revealing overbought and also oversold conditions. Readings over 100 suggest overbought conditions, and also readings below 100 suggest oversold conditions.

On balance Volume (OBV):

This Momentum indication compares trading Volume to cost. The principle behind it is that when trading Volume rises substantially without a huge change in cost, it’s an indicator of solid cost Momentum. And if Volume lowers, it’s recognized as an indication that Momentum is decreasing.

Stochastic Momentum index (SMI):

This tool is a refinement of the standard stochastic indication. It determines where the present close remains in relationship to the midpoint of a recent high-low range, providing an idea of cost change in relation to the series of the cost. Its goal is to give an idea of a turnaround point is nearby, or if the present fad is likely to continue.

Average directional index (ADX):

This straightforward oscillator tool intends solely at figuring out fad Momentum. It plots the toughness of a rate fad on a chart between values of 0 and also 100: values below 30 suggest sideways cost activity and also an undefined fad, and also values over 30 suggest a strong fad in a certain direction. As the worth approaches 100, the Momentum of the fad is recognized to expand stronger.


In this method, investors separate an existing chart right into equal periods, divided in blocks. The blocks are after that color-coded according to whether they suggest a higher fad or a down fad; for instance, environment-friendly for higher and also red for downward. A 3rd color, yellow, could be used to suggest a sideways fad. If the chart reveals 2 consecutive blocks with the very same color, after that it indicates that there is Momentum in an offered direction.

Threats To Momentum Trading.

Like any type of design of trading, Momentum trading goes through risks. It’s been found to be successful when rates follow on a trend, but now and then Momentum investors can be captured off guard when trends enter into unanticipated reversals.

Investors should bear in mind that:.

Technical evaluation bases its estimates of the chance of cost motions on past cost trends.
Costs in the marketplace can relocate an unforeseen way at any time because of unanticipated information events, or fears and also adjustments in view in the marketplace.

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