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Hoy vamos a hablarte del indicador MOMENTUM y cómo puedes utilizarlo para realizar y mejorar tu operativa ya que puede anticiparse a los cambios de tendencia o cambios de precios ¿quieres saber cómo? lo tienes en el vídeo 👉

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¿Qué es el indicador MOMENTUM?, Momentum Trading Que Es

Momentum Trading Que Es, ¿Qué es el indicador MOMENTUM?.

Exactly how do short-term investors earn money?

One method to earn money on stocks for which the rate is dropping is called short marketing (or going short). Short marketing is a relatively simple concept: a capitalist obtains a supply, offers the supply, and after that buys the supply back to return it to the loan provider. Short vendors are wagering that the supply they sell will certainly decrease in rate.

What Is Momentum Spending?

Momentum investing involves a strategy to take advantage of the continuance of an existing market pattern. It involves going long stocks, futures or market ETFs showing upward-trending prices and short the particular properties with downward-trending prices.

Momentum investing holds that patterns can continue for time, and it’s feasible to profit by sticking with a fad until its final thought, regardless of how long that may be. As an example, Momentum investors that went into the UNITED STATE stock exchange in 2009 generally enjoyed an uptrend until December 2018.

Can any person short a supply?

The main danger of shorting a supply is that it will in fact enhance in value, causing a loss. The potential rate admiration of a supply is theoretically unlimited and, as a result, there is no restriction to the potential loss of a brief setting. Nude short marketing is the shorting of stocks that you do not own.


Momentum is an essential concept that has confirmed useful for figuring out the possibility of a lucrative profession. Measurements of Momentum can be utilized in the short and long-term, making them helpful in all kinds of trading approaches. Numerous technical trading devices are readily available to expose the stamina of patterns and whether a profession on a specific possession may be an excellent wager.

Nonetheless, investors should be advised that Momentum forecasts are customarily computed utilizing dimensions of past rate patterns. Real Momentum and rate can alter anytime based on occasions that weren’t factored into the original estimations. Because of this, it is necessary to take preventative procedures, such as establishing stop-losses, to protect versus unforeseen rate turnarounds in even the most likely Momentum circumstances.

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