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EP 020: Kunal Desai drops knowledge on ‘go-to setups’, trading explosive momentum & how to combat the fear of missing out.

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Momentum trading strategy & go-to setups · Kunal Desai, Bulls on Wall St, Momentum Trading Tips

Momentum Trading Tips, Momentum trading strategy & go-to setups · Kunal Desai, Bulls on Wall St.

Momentum in money is based on the adhering to crucial aspects:


Volume is the amount of a specific possession that is traded within a given timespan. Volume is not the number of deals, however the number of possessions traded– so, if 5 customers acquisition one possession each, it looks the like if one buyer purchases 5 of the possession.

Volume is important to Momentum traders, as they require to be able to go into and leave positions quickly, which depends on there being a steady stream of customers and vendors in the markets. If a market has a high number of customers and vendors, it is referred to as a liquid market as it is less complicated to trade a possession for money. Whereas if a market has a low number of customers and vendors, it is considered as illiquid.


Volatility is Momentum Trading traders’ support. Volatility is the degree of modification in a possession’s cost– if a market is very volatile, it means that there are big cost swings, while a market with reduced volatility is relatively stable.

Momentum traders will certainly choose volatile markets, in order to take advantage of short-term fluctuates in a possession’s worth. As Momentum trading attempts to capitalise on volatility, it is very important to have a suitable risk monitoring method in position to safeguard your trades from adverse market activities. This ought to include quits and restrictions.


Momentum trading approaches are generally concentrated on short-term market activities, however the duration of a trade can depend upon how long the fad keeps its toughness. This can make appropriates for traders who employ longer-term designs such as placement trading, along with those who favor short-term designs, such as day trading and scalping.

How to start Momentum trading
Identify the possession you want
Develop Momentum Trading trading method based on technical indicators and analysis
Practise trading in a risk-free setting using an IG trial account
Beginning trading on live markets by opening up an account with IG
Additionally, you can discover more concerning trading approaches and indicators with IG Academy’s series of on-line training courses.

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Warning about Forex Risk

Please note that trading in leveraged items may include a considerable level of risk and is not ideal for all capitalists. You ought to not risk greater than you are prepared to shed. Before making a decision to trade, please ensure you understand the risks entailed and take into account your level of experience. Seek independent guidance if needed.