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MOMENTUM TRADING For BEGINNERS (Stock Selection) – In this Stock Selection video, I explain how to identify Momentum in Stocks. Momentum Trading requires specific Stock Selection steps and I have explained these.


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Title – Momentum Trading For Beginners

Playlist – Momentum T

Video Sections
00:00 – Key Points To Be Discussed
00:30 – Importance Of Long Wicks & Tails
02:22 – Gap & Long Tails (Pocket Of Strength)
03:14 – Range, Breakout & Consolidation
04:07 – High Beta, Candle Range & Pullback
05:49 – Record Volumes And Candle Range
07:02 – Master Candle Range And Retest
07:56 – Price & Volume Expansion (Classic Case Study)
08:48 – Importance Of Broader Market
10:36 – Right Psychology During Trend Trading

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MOMENTUM TRADING For BEGINNERS (Stock Selection) 💹, Momentum Trading For Dummies

Momentum Trading For Dummies, MOMENTUM TRADING For BEGINNERS (Stock Selection) 💹.

Popular Momentum indications

Momentum investors aren’t necessarily bothered with the principles of the underlying property– such as its long-term growth potential customers and the financial situations surrounding it. All Momentum Trading investor typically appreciates is price activity. This is why most Momentum investors rely heavily on technical evaluation and indications to figure out when to enter and leave each trade.

Popular Momentum indications include:

The Momentum indication

The Matching strength index (RSI).
Relocating averages.
The stochastic oscillator.

Momentum trading summed up.

  • Momentum trading is the practise of acquiring and selling assets according to the recent strength of price fads.
  • They will open a position to take advantage of an anticipated price adjustment and shut the position when the pattern starts to shed its strength.
  • Momentum trading is based upon Volume, volatility and period.
  • Momentum trading jobs by allowing investors to determine the rate of adjustment in an asset’s price or Volume. As neither price or Volume will continue in one direction indefinitely, Momentum is usually considered an oscillating procedure.
    Momentum investors concentrate on price activity as opposed to long-term growth and principles.
  • Popular indications for Momentum trading include the Momentum indication, the RSI, MAs and the stochastic oscillator.

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