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In this webinar, Ross Cameron of Warrior Trading will be discussing his strategies for capitalizing on momentum in small cap stocks. He will discuss the Warrior Trading method for defining momentum stocks, along with approaches to manage one’s risk. Ross will demonstrate the ways hot keys through the Lightspeed Trader platform can assist in fast moving markets and how they are used for fast order entry and exits.

Join for this webinar as we will discuss:

1. Parabolic momentum stocks and how to manage risk while trading them
2. How to use hot keys while momentum trading
3. How to read Level 2 while momentum trading


Ross Cameron was born and raised in southern Vermont. He is a graduate of the Dublin School and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Vermont College. While in school, he studied architecture and became proficient drawing construction documents in AutoCAD. During the mid-2000’s, Ross lived in Manhattan and worked at an architecture and product design firm. After watching his investments lose value during the late 2000’s, Ross believed he could achieve better performance by managing his portfolio himself. He moved back to Vermont and began day trading small cap stocks under $20.

In 2012, Ross founded Warrior Trading (formally, Day Trade Warrior) as a live trading chat room for education and idea generation. He wanted to create a community where traders could surround themselves with other professionals. In 2014, he began teaching Day Trading classes with a focus on risk management, stock selection and identifying the safest entries. Ross continues to trade in his chat room and teach trading courses.

In his free time Ross enjoys sailing, gardening and fixing vintage Mercedes diesel engines. Ross lives with his family and his dogs in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Momentum Trading by Warrior Trading, Momentum Trading Techniques

Momentum Trading Techniques, Momentum Trading by Warrior Trading.

Momentum in finance is based on the adhering to key elements:


Volume is the amount of a certain property that is traded within a provided time frame. Volume is not the variety of transactions, yet the variety of properties traded– so, if 5 purchasers acquisition one property each, it looks the same as if one purchaser purchases 5 of the property.

Volume is important to Momentum investors, as they need to be able to get in and also leave positions swiftly, which depends on there being a stable stream of purchasers and also sellers in the markets. If a market has a high variety of purchasers and also sellers, it is referred to as a fluid market as it is easier to exchange an asset for cash. Whereas if a market has a low variety of purchasers and also sellers, it is considered illiquid.


Volatility is Momentum Trading investors’ bread and butter. Volatility is the degree of adjustment in an asset’s price– if a market is highly unstable, it means that there are big price swings, while a market with low volatility is fairly steady.

Momentum investors will certainly look for unstable markets, in order to make use of short-term rises and falls in an asset’s value. As Momentum trading efforts to capitalise on volatility, it is necessary to have a suitable threat administration method in position to secure your professions from damaging market activities. This need to consist of stops and also limitations.


Momentum trading methods are typically concentrated on short-term market activities, yet the period of a profession can depend upon how long the pattern keeps its stamina. This might make appropriates for investors who employ longer-term styles such as placement trading, along with those who prefer short-term styles, such as day trading and also scalping.

Just how to begin Momentum trading
Identify the property you have an interest in
Design Momentum Trading trading method based on technological indications and also evaluation
Practise trading in a risk-free atmosphere using an IG demo account
Begin trading on online markets by opening up an account with IG
Alternatively, you can discover more concerning trading methods and also indications with IG Academy’s variety of on-line programs.

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