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MACD Trading Strategy + Heiken Ashi Chart Forex – Swing Trading Strategy – TESTED X100 -GREAT LESSON

MACD is among the most popular trading indicators, it is used in several trading financial markets such as Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies and even binary options, MACD trading strategy is pretty common and many traders use it to make profit whether scalping or swing trading. In today’s video we are going to discuss how to use a macd indicator in a swing trading strategy, the strategy will be tested 100 times along with the Heikin Ashi char and the 200 exponential moving average.
This MACD trading strategy provides clear and profitable trading signals if used properly.
The trading strategy will be tested on Trading-view. However, you can also use it on other platforms such as MT4, MT5 or any other trading software.
This channel is made to teach and profive Forex, Stocks and Cryptocurrency education content.
We will make a video in future trading this strategy in live market conditions but feel free to submit your recommendation and your suggested trading strategies so we could backtest them in future.
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MACD Trading Strategy + Heiken Ashi Chart Forex - Swing Trading Strategy - TESTED X100 -GREAT LESSON, Forex Swing Trading Indicators

Forex Swing Trading Indicators, MACD Trading Strategy + Heiken Ashi Chart Forex – Swing Trading Strategy – TESTED X100 -GREAT LESSON.

Swing Trading Techniques

A swing investor often tends to look for multi-day chart patterns. Some of the extra usual patterns entail relocating ordinary crossovers, cup-and-handle patterns, head and also shoulders patterns, flags, and triangulars. Key reversal candle holders may be utilized in addition to other indications to devise a strong trading plan.

Ultimately, each swing investor designs a plan and also technique that gives them an edge over several professions. This includes searching for trade arrangements that have a tendency to result in predictable movements in the asset’s cost. This isn’t simple, and also no approach or arrangement functions each time. With a positive risk/reward, winning whenever isn’t required. The more positive the risk/reward of a trading technique, the less times it needs to win in order to produce a general profit over numerous professions.

  • Swing trading entails taking trades that last a couple of days approximately numerous months in order to profit from an expected price relocation.
  • Swing trading exposes a trader to overnight and weekend break danger, where the price can space and also open the following the session at a substantially various price.
  • Swing traders can take profits using an established risk/reward proportion based on a quit loss and earnings target, or they can take revenues or losses based on a technological indication or price activity movements.

Discover Potential Professions

Next, the trader will check for potential professions for the day. Usually, swing traders will get in a placement with a fundamental driver and also handle or leave the setting with the help of technological analysis. There are 2 good ways to discover fundamental drivers:

Special opportunities: These are best found by means of SEC filings and, in many cases, heading news. Such chances might consist of initial public offerings (IPOs), personal bankruptcies, insider buying, buyouts, requisitions, mergings, restructurings, procurements, as well as other comparable events. Usually, these are found by checking particular SEC filings, such as S-4 and also 13D. This can be conveniently done with the aid of sites such as, which will certainly send out notifications as quickly as such a filing is made. These types of opportunities typically bring a large amount of risk, yet they provide lots of incentives to those who meticulously look into each opportunity. These kinds of plays include the swing trader purchasing when most are marketing and also offering when everyone else is purchasing, in an attempt to “discolor” overreactions to information and events.

What do swing traders look for?

They are typically greatly traded supplies that are near a key assistance or resistance level. Swing traders will search for a number of different sorts of patterns designed to anticipate breakouts or breakdowns, such as triangles, channels, Wolfe Waves, Fibonacci degrees, Gann degrees, and also others.

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