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Key points from the video:

+ Kathy got her start in forex trading in 1999. She started at JP Morgan in a rotational program that gave her introduction to many markets, which is how she realized currencies is something she wanted to focus on.
+ Kathy identifies herself as both an intraday trader and a swing trader. She is in and out of positions in the same day for many of her trades; for some of her swing trades she will hold positions for a few days, but rarely more than 5.
+ Kathy focuses less on risk/reward and more on identifying high probability trades.
+ She always places a stop and a limit.
+ She trades EURUSD the most for her intraday trading, but uses other cross pairs for her swing trades.
+ She develops a fundamental view, based on how she sees things shaping up over the next week or 2 months, then looks for technical signs that give her the okay to enter.
+ She is a breakout trader, looking to follow momentum.
+ She believes news events can serve as the catalyst that validate her fundamental viewpoint, and thus will place trades in anticipation of market reactions to news events that validate her thesis.
+ She pays close attention to data from China, as it can have a big impact on currency markets. She does not believe China is in for a hard landing.
+ Kathy views open-ended QE in a positive light, believing it is helping to fortify financial markets and avoid a crash.

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Kathy Lien on Her Approach to Forex Trading, Forex Event Driven Trading Quote

Forex Event Driven Trading Quote, Kathy Lien on Her Approach to Forex Trading.

Ignorance is Not Bliss

The factor I’m spending whenever explaining what I did above was simply to with any luck open your eyes regarding simply how complicated making a decision whether or not a spike will continue, can be. It is not for the newbie, yet most beginners salivate over the prospective quick money that can be made trading these things. As well as most get eliminated at the same time, because they’re generally appearing at the O.K. Corral with a BB gun. They have few, if any kind of data, with which to function, or enhanced technique, and so on. As well as latency in execution problems, and so on.

As uncommon as spikes can be, outright sentence in regards to their extension is even more uncommon. As an example, for myself, with every little thing I recognize now, it could take place 2 5 times monthly relying on the context, as well as 5 is pushing it. I’m simply human. Any other human with a normal capacity to learn is most likely going to fall in comparable territory.

I’m talking about seeing a preliminary very first response to the data or event, as well as within seconds of digesting the headings claiming to myself “yes, as long as nothing else conflicts, this is going to continue, no question concerning it.” But after the spike occurs, what then? What other ways of evaluation do we have?

Exactly how does a stop-loss order job?

When you place a stop-loss order, often described just as a ‘stop order’, you’re instructing your broker to perform a profession in your place at a less favourable degree than the present market price.

You’ll usually do this to restrict your losses on a setting, in the event that the market moves against you. Establish your stop-loss at a certain degree, as well as your broker will shut your setting for you when the market hits that degree so you do not require to enjoy the marketplaces constantly.

It deserves bearing in mind that stop-loss orders do not safeguard against slippage arising from markets ‘gapping’, or moving a huge range in a fraction of a second due to unanticipated exterior impacts. You can guarantee your trade is carried out at specifically the degree specified by using an assured stop. With IG they’re free to location, as well as carry a tiny costs if set off.

If you’re putting a stop-loss order on a long trade a profession where you’ve acquired a market in the assumption that its price will rise your stop-loss order will be an instruction to cost a worse price than the one you opened your trade at. Conversely, a stop-loss order on a brief trade (where you’re offering a market) is an instruction to purchase a worse price than you opened up at.

What’s indicated by ‘risk’ in trading?

In trading, ‘risk’ refers to the opportunity of your options not leading to the outcome that you anticipated. This can take the kind of a profession not carrying out as you ‘d thought it would, implying that you earn less or indeed, shed even more than initially expected.

Trading risk comes in a variety of forms. One of the most common is ‘market risk’, the basic risk that your trades could not execute based on damaging price motions influenced by a variety of exterior variables like recessions, political discontent and more.

Investors are usually prepared to take on some level of risk in order to take part in the marketplaces, as well as with any luck make their trading successful over time. How much trading risk they’ll take on relies on their technique, as well as the risk-reward ratio they’ve established for themselves.

It’s consequently crucial to recognise just how much funding you can stand to risk, both on a per-trade basis and also overall over time.


It may appear as well apparent to mention, yet an organized chart is easier to trade, especially when you understand the communication between deep bias as well as risk belief as well as exactly how it is playing out on the chart. A disorderly chart reflects confused thinking about what is basic deep bias as well as what is risk belief. Profits, if you can not read the chart as well as picture what the big players must be believing, you should not attempt to trade it, even when the most advanced of signs are offering you the go-ahead. Clear thinking brings about successful trades.

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