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Learn how to take your ThinkorSwim platform from scratch and get it ready for live day trading with bracket orders. If you are a beginner, this video provides basic trading tips/tricks to get started. Having brackets are imperative for your day trading setup, especially when trading penny stocks or OTCs. Please be sure to subscribe for more educational day trading videos and hot stocks to watch!

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Ideal Thinkorswim setup for day trading, Day Trading Platform

Forex Day Trading Rules Ideal Thinkorswim setup for day trading.

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Cost Activity in Forex

There is also a strategy for part-time traders who pop in and also unemployed (10 mins at once). These short however frequent trading periods may offer themselves to carrying out a price activity trading technique. Price activity trading implies analyzing the technicals or charts of the currency set to educate professions. Investors can assess up bars (a bar that has a greater high or greater reduced than the previous bar) and look at down bars (a bar with a reduced high or lower low than the previous).

Up bars signify an uptrend while down bars signal a drop, while other rate activity signs might be inside or outdoors bars. The trick to success with this strategy is compromising of a chart period that best meets your schedule.

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