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Demo Trading Room – “Teaching you how professionals trade the markets using the safety of your demo account.”

Hello! I was a Series 3 Futures and Options Broker years ago and worked for a national brand FOREX Market Maker in the United States.

I was able to see the inside of the trading room as well as teach clients technical analysis. My favorite thing to do is coach others and mentor them to become better traders as well as other personal goals. With all the gamers streaming on Youtube, I realized trading a demo account with real live price action would be just as fun as well as give me the opportunity to coach you how I was taught the methods professionals trade as well as how I manage my own wealth.

I noticed 99% of all the information on Youtube is static and historical but that style of information will never teach you to trade at the level you are looking to get into. My videos show all activity with profits and losses so we can learn strategies together and the demo ensures I am not putting my live account at risk. I prefer position trading for larger pips but I can teach you the same technical analysis with day trading just the same.

Many channels try to sell something that shows a 3 min clip of a good trade but that doesn’t impress me. Let me watch you for 2 hours and hang out and see how many times it takes for you to get in that trade. That’s what I do here.

I felt called to work with kids a few years back for my new career but never lost the passion for the markets. I am using this channel to help coach, teach, and train for free using demo accounts. Trading demo accounts is the perfect tool to teach the beginner FOREX trader or someone who wants to learn to trade for a living. It’s not for the common person honestly but I will help get you started.

If this coaching helps you please Like, Subscribe, and most importantly Share. I will try to upload a few trading videos a week. I currently am using a and demo. I taught thousands of people technical analysis for a career and am excited to see what the Youtube Style approach can help others at a larger scale.

I currently have no affiliation with any company nor sponsored by any company however I am gladly open to that in the future. Message me via the Youtube channel for interest.

And finally as always – Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. This channel is for educational purposes only and not liable for real losses on live accounts.


1.) Why are you using a demo and not live money?

A.) If I earn 30% return or something awesome in a few hour video no one believes it. I have already traded in forum competitions in the past and all the winners were accused of using several live accounts and submitting the best live result. If that’s the case no way am I going to risk real money for haters anyways.

B.) I am not selling you anything. I literally have no agenda. I would appreciate you subscribing, liking, and sharing my videos if they are fun and educational and wouldn’t mind Youtube success but I’m not selling you anything. I am literally going to take you into my trading room where I was taught how to trade professionally as a career. By using a demo account my angle for this channel is like a paper trading club. If you choose to apply this with real money, I do not take any responsibility for your real losses.

2.) What is different with a demo vs live account?

A.) When volume is up and trading normal there is really no difference. Banks only trade 100k positions. Market makers and brokers are the only ones who offer 10k and less positions. If you placed a 10k position with low volume it will spike the chart 20-30 pips maybe more so you cannot use a tight stop loss however if it’s normal trading hours for that currency there is no difference at all. That’s the power of the demo account. If you cannot trade a demo good you will never succeed in a live account.

3.) Are you still a licensed broker?

A.) No. I am not licensed anymore. I am not marketing products or services as an agent of any kind. I specialize in high risk markets and am simply teaching demo traders with fake money, different strategies that professionals use. You are 100% responsible for trading real money losses.

Finally – Money is important but God must come first in all things. Don’t take your sights off that!

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How To Trade Housing Based News Events #forextrading #FX #forex #nadex #stocks #bonds #NASDAQ #Dow, Forex Event Driven Trading Volume

Forex Event Driven Trading Volume, How To Trade Housing Based News Events #forextrading #FX #forex #nadex #stocks #bonds #NASDAQ #Dow.

Ignorance is Not Happiness

The reason I’m spending whenever explaining what I did above was simply to with any luck open your eyes regarding simply how complicated choosing whether or not a spike will certainly proceed, can be. It is except the newbie, yet most newbies salivate over the potential fast cash that can be made trading these things. And many get eliminated at the same time, since they’re generally turning up at the O.K. Corral with a BB gun. They have few, if any kind of data, with which to work, or maximized approach, and so on. Not to mention latency in execution issues, and so on.

As rare as spikes can be, absolute conviction in terms of their extension is much more rare. As an example, for myself, with whatever I know at this point, it may take place 2 5 times monthly depending upon the context, and also 5 is pressing it. I’m simply human. Any other human with a typical capacity to learn is probably going to fall in similar territory.

I’m talking about seeing an initial first reaction to the data or event, and also within seconds of digesting the headlines claiming to myself “yes, so long as absolutely nothing else interferes, this is going to proceed, no doubt concerning it.” Yet after the spike occurs, what then? What other ways of assessment do we have?

Event-Driven Investors

Event-driven Investors want to fundamental evaluation over technical charts to educate their decisions. They’ll look for to take advantage of spikes brought on by political or financial events, such asNon-Farm Payrolldata, GDP, work figures, and also elections.

This sort of trading will certainly fit an individual that suches as to stay on top of world information, and also that will certainly comprehend just how events can affect markets. Investigative, interested and also forward-thinking, you will certainly be proficient at processing brand-new details and also predicting just how international and also localized events may play out.

If you pay attention to world events and also value that those events may affect the finance industry, you can experience success as an “event-driven investor”.

Event-driven Investors look for to capitalise on volatility spikes triggered by high-impact financial data, elections and also financial plan. Event-driven investors incur considerable risks as they make educated decisions based upon their own analysis of international events.

Aspiring event-driven investors may find success with the list below currency pairings:


Can you alter your foreign exchange trading design?

No foreign exchange trading design need be static and also there is every opportunity yours can alter. You may be a scalper emphasized by short-termprice actionand seeking the downtime found ready trading. Or, you could be a technical swing investor that intends to discover more concerning the fundamentals of the events-driven approach.

Whatever your design or objectives, there is constantly a means to expand and also create, and also evaluate your ability on the markets in brand-new means.


It may appear too obvious to mention, however an orderly graph is easier to trade, particularly when you comprehend the interaction in between deep bias and also danger belief and also just how it is playing out on the graph. A disorderly graph mirrors confused thinking about what is fundamental deep bias and also what is danger belief. Bottom line, if you can not review the graph and also imagine what the huge gamers have to be assuming, you should not attempt to trade it, even when the most advanced of indications are giving you the consent. Clear thinking leads to profitable professions.

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