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Are you trying to grow a small trading account? Buying penny stocks is NOT the only way for day trading beginners with a small account.
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While most day trading marketing gurus out there tell all the beginner traders to buy penny stocks and follow their alerts… trading small caps not the ONLY way. And definitely not one to rely on throughout the whole year.

How I grew my small account day trading years ago, was by buying penny stocks in hot cycles, such as the shippers, blockchain, weapon bubble. And focus on trading large cap stock earnings and news in the seasons where penny stocks are dead with no volume.

Trading Large caps vs Small cap penny stocks:
1. Large caps tend to trend for an extended amount of time.
2. Large caps are less volatile and allow day trading beginners to practice patience and trading emotions
3. Large cap short borrows are much more accessible than small cap penny stocks
4. There’s almost always fresh news such as Chinese Tariffs, FDA approvals, earnings guidance out daily for the large cap stocks.
5. Penny stock trading volume tend to die out in the summer, while large cap movers have volume almost daily.
6. Penny stock patterns and indicators are not reliable. You should focus on trading psychology. But Large cap stocks follow technical set ups and patterns pretty well.

The key is, if you are trading penny stocks with a small account, focus on capital preservation and only buy penny stock momentum in the market cycles that favor your long set ups. Do not force trades and chase every break out and expect the same trading set up and trading strategy to always work out.

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How to Grow a Small Account Day Trading? Penny Stocks NOT the only way for Beginner Traders!, Day Trading Penny Stocks

Day Trading Exit Strategies How to Grow a Small Account Day Trading? Penny Stocks NOT the only way for Beginner Traders!.

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The foreign exchange market is desirable for part-time investors since it runs for 24 hours and is regularly in flux, providing ample possibilities to make profits at any point in the day.

Nevertheless, the foreign exchange market is extremely unpredictable. This makes it high-risk for all traders, especially the part-time trader, if the proper strategy is not carried out. Techniques such as trading certain currency pairs that go to play while of day you can trade, considering longer timeframes, executing price action approaches and using innovation will add to the success of part-time forex investors. Threat resistance, utilize and also time perspective (from hourly to once a week) need to also be considered for any type of investor’s broader strategy.

In sum, these aspects are an integral part of any kind of trading method, whether the emphasis gets on short- or long-term gains.

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