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This video shows Simple-N-Easy techniques to achieve Forex trading objectives. Here we look at finding turning points using momentum indicators.
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How we trade these techniques and which setting to use can vary as market conditions vary. In terms of techniques we give you basic settings. It is up to you to start trading the method and find the type of setting and approaches which will best suit your personal trading needs. Forex trading is a practical skill such as swimming. We do not cover every aspect about Forex trading in this module as this module is only one of a 20+ series of modules on Forex trading. You can’t learn to swim from an eBook or video
– You need to trade the market and let it teach you how it wants to be traded. So we strongly encourage you to experiment and try all the concepts shown in this module.
Turning points are a lot easier to spot than many people believe. To trade turning points takes experience, psychological and trading skills. This series will introduce you to the turning point concepts which will allow you to invest your trading time in the most economical way.
Trading turning points refers to any time the price trends in a specific direction and then clearly changes direction and trends in the other direction. This is often referred to retractment, retracement, bounce or turning point trading. We treat these terms as meaning the same in this book.

How to find turning points in the Forex Market, using MT4 Momentum indicators. Find out for free!, Forex Momentum Trading Book

Forex Momentum Trading Book, How to find turning points in the Forex Market, using MT4 Momentum indicators. Find out for free!.

What Is Momentum Trading?

Momentum trading is a strategy in which investors buy and sell according to the strength of recent price patterns. Price Momentum is similar to Momentum in physics, where mass multiplied by velocity determines the possibility that an object will continue on its path. In financial markets, however, Momentum is established by various other elements like trading Volume and also price of rate adjustments. Momentum traders bet that a possession rate that is moving highly in an offered direction will continue to relocate that instructions up until the trend loses strength.

Where Did Momentum Trading Beginning?

The practice of Momentum trading has actually been around for centuries. As early as the late 1700s, well known British economist and financier David Ricardo was known to have made use of momentum-based techniques effectively in trading. He bought stocks with strong executing cost trends, and afterwards sold stocks whose rates were choking up. He characterised the approach with the phrase: “Interrupt your losses; let your earnings run on.”.

Just how do you pick stock Momentum Trader?

When choosing the Momentum stocks, you need to take a look at supplies that are trading above the ordinary variety of shares. Stocks that have higher than typical quantities are those that have a tendency to gap higher or lower on the open.

Complying with the growth of technological analysis in the late 19th century, ideas of Momentum gained use in the 1920s as well as ’30s by widely known traders and experts such as Jesse Livermore, HM Gartley, Robert Rhea, George Seafarer and Richard Wycoff.

The idea was first formalised in scholastic research studies in 1937 by economic experts Alfred Cowles and Herbert Jones. They found that assets that carried out well in one year often tended to remain to execute well in the following year.

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