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How to become a successful forex trader with algo trading is a free lecture from the course Walk Forward optimization: Forex trading with Portfolio EAs. The course can be found here:

How to become a successful Forex Trader is a question that I answer and all of my training courses. My name is Petko Aleksandrov and I am a professional Forex Trader with over 14000 students worldwide. In all of my courses, I do my best to give the information that every beginner Trader needs before starts trading.

I have dedicated many of the courses in algorithmic trading because this way people avoid emotions in trading which are the most common reason why people lose. When trading on the Forex market 95% of the people have strong two feelings one is the Fear the other one is the Greed.

How to become a successful Forex trader when there are emotions? The only way to avoid emotions in trading is with algorithmic trading and expert advisors. This is why I use expert advisor studio as a professional software to generate, analyze and export strategies as expert advisors without programming skills.

The software is designed to how to make every trading strategy using the MetaTrader indicators and as well if you are a beginner Trader you can use the program to generate strategies for you. For this purpose, you need to export the historical data of your broker which I explained in this course. Also, the generation process goes with a variety of acceptance criteria which help the trader to automate the strategies and filter them. This answer is pretty much the question of how to become a successful Forex Trader. You need professional software.

After the strategies are created the reactor runs automatically robustness tests at as Monte Carlo and Multi Market. The more advanced robust test is Walk Forward optimization. The idea of these tests is to prove the robustness of the strategies. If the strategies fail this means they are over-optimized.

So it’s not only about how to become a successful forex Trader as a person but what tools and programs you’re going to use is crucially important.

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How to become a successful Forex trader with algo trading, Forex Algorithmic Trading Forum

Forex Algorithmic Trading Forum, How to become a successful Forex trader with algo trading.

Is algo trading rewarding?

With algo trading, the professions are implemented in fractions of seconds, with accuracy and also without the result of such human interventions. As a result of the high-end innovation and also the advantages, algo trading is rather rewarding.

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Algorithmic Trading Book - Winning Strategies and Their RationalePraise for Algorithmic Trading “Algorithmic Trading is an insightful book on quantitative trading written by a seasoned practitioner. What sets this book apart from many others in the space is the emphasis on real examples as opposed to just theory. read more…


Originally Published: 2013
Author: Ernest P. Chan

A Proven Process For Developing Algo Trading Solutions

As soon as you prevent the typical challenges in algo trading, it is time to create approaches in a controlled, repeatable procedure. I call my procedure an Approach Manufacturing facility, where trading ideas come in as raw material, “machines” transform ideas right into completely examined approaches, and also what leaves the factory is either a tradable approach or a disposed of scrap approach. The actions I use to create a method are offered below.
The procedure starts with objectives and also objectives. Like driving an automobile to a destination, you need to understand where you want to end up before you start.

Determine the market you want to trade, and also the annual return and also drawdown you want. You can have a lot more objectives than that, so that is really the bare minimum. Having solid objectives and also objectives will aid you understand when you ought to be satisfied with the trading algo you produced, and also will aid you prevent a number of the challenges defined earlier.

Next off, you require a suggestion to develop a method with. This does not indicate you require to create a whole economic concept for your approach, however it also means that arbitrarily generating ideas (such as: buy if the close of 53 bars back is more than the close of 22 bars ago) probably will not function.

The best ideas have a description behind them. For example, “price going up has a tendency to maintain going up” might be a good suggestion to code and also develop into a method. The good thing is ideas are almost everywhere, and also you can merely modify the ideas you find, customizing them to fit your needs. Final note: always be on the lookout for trading ideas. You will require to check a great deal of them to find a good one.

The next step is to historically check your approach. I normally run this as two separate actions. Initially, I run a tiny scale test over a couple of years of information, to see if my approach has any merit. A lot of approaches fail this step, so it conserves me the time and also aggravation of a full scale test. I also modify the approach at this moment, if I require to. I can do this without worry of overfitting or curvefitting the approach to the historical information, because I am only utilizing a couple of years of information.

As soon as I have a successful preliminary test, I after that do an even more in-depth test. I use a procedure called walkforward testing, which is superior to a conventional optimized backtest. You might also do out of example testing at this moment. The trick is not to check excessive throughout this step. The more testing you do, the most likely your version is going to be curve or overfitted.

After I have a successful walkforward test, I run some random Monte Carlo simulations with my version, to develop its return to drawdown qualities. You want to have a trading system that supplies an appropriate return to drawdown ratio or else why profession it? The flip side, however, is that if the return/drawdown is too great, it usually shows a trading approach that has been overfit (gone over earlier as a “too great to be true” trading system).

With historical backtesting completed, I now watch the trading approach live. Does it fall apart in real time? Lots of inadequately constructed approaches do. It is necessary that you verify that the trading system still executes well in the real time market. That makes this step very essential, although it is exceptionally tough to do. Besides, who wants to invest months enjoying a trading system they just produced, as opposed to actually trading it? However patience is crucial, and also believe me when I state doing this step will save you money in the future.

The final difficulty before turning the approach on is to check out and also contrast it to your existing portfolio. At this moment, you want to guarantee that your approaches have reduced correlation with each other. Excel or other information evaluation software is excellent for this task. Trading 5 bitcoin approaches concurrently is meaningless if they are very correlated. The suggestion behind trading numerous approaches is to decrease risk with diversity, not to focus or multiply it.

Obviously, at the end of advancement, if the approach has passed all the tests, it is time to transform it on and also trade with real money. Usually, this can be automated on your computer or virtual exclusive server, which releases you as much as create the next approach. At the same time, however, you require to place checks in location to check the online approaches. This is critical, however thankfully it is not a troublesome task.

Knowing when to shut off a misbehaving algo approach is an integral part of online trading.

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