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In this video i am showing you my 4 live open trades on following pairs, AUD/USD, NZD/CAD and NZD/JPY.

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Weekly and monthly timeframes are so powerfull and yet so stress free. I came from M1 and M5 trading to W1 and MN1. This is smart trading, good for everyone who has other priorities in life!

I decided to share this very useful trick/ tip for Exponential Moving Averages. In video i am explaining how to use TWO different EMA periods on TWO different timeframes to get better entries and better risk to reward ratio.

I don’t know how many retail traders know this 5.5 trick but i know it is used by professionals and probably hidden from the retail world. I know many good traders use moving averages but none of them actually ever mention this trick so here you have it 🙂

In video I explain :
– What is this 5.5 trick
– Show you 4 examples on charts
– Short recap

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FOREX WEEKLY TIMEFRAME ENTRIES *Live open trades*, Swing Trading Strategies In Forex

Swing Trading Strategies In Forex, FOREX WEEKLY TIMEFRAME ENTRIES *Live open trades*.

Does swing trading work?

Swing trading is based on identifying swings in stocks, assets, and also currencies that occur over a duration of days. A swing trade may take a couple of days to a couple of weeks to work out. Unlike a day trader, a swing trader is not likely to make trading a full time career.


  • Calls for much less time to trade than day trading
  • Takes full advantage of short-term revenue potential by capturing the bulk of market swings
  • Traders can rely specifically on technological analysis, simplifying the trading process

Risk Factors

  • Trade positions undergo over night as well as weekend market danger
  • Sudden market reversals can lead to significant losses
  • Swing investors frequently miss longer-term patterns in favor of short-term market steps

Is day trading much better than swing trading?

Swing trading attends to a much bigger earnings potential than day trading. On average you can shoot for a couple of percent factors right approximately 20% and also past. Because your timespan for trading is bigger your revenue targets are likewise greater. This is where swing trading comes to be enjoyable.

The Daily Routine of a Swing Investor

Swing trading combines basic and technical analysis in order to catch meaningful rate motions while staying clear of still times. The advantages of this sort of trading are a much more effective use funding and also higher returns, and the drawbacks are higher payments and also more volatility.

Swing trading can be difficult for the typical retail trader.

The professional investors have more experience, leverage, info, and lower commissions; nevertheless, they are restricted by the instruments they are permitted to trade, the threat they are capable of taking on and also their large quantity of capital. (Huge organizations trade in dimensions as well large to move in and out of stocks promptly.) Knowledgeable retail traders can benefit from these things in order to profit constantly in the market. Right here is what an excellent day-to-day swing trading routine as well as approach may look like and you exactly how you can be in a similar way effective in your trading tasks.

What are the best supplies for swing trading?

Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft appropriate supplies for swing trading in specific market problems. To see if swing trading makes sense for you, consider practice trading before running the risk of actual money.

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