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In this video Marcus, the managing director of Logikfx goes through the full analysis behind his reason for being LONG the forex pair USDJPY. This is the exact trading strategy we use to trade the markets, even if you’re a beginner it’s easy to understand once you get going. It is essentially a fundamental strategy towards the markets which more people need to start applying to generate coherent trade ideas.

This is a video which only discusses the currency pair USDJPY other pairs require different factors of analysis. So it’s a USDJPY strategy free for everyone to use.

What you’ll learn in this video:
• forex fundamental analysis (fundamental trading strategy),
• relative analysis,
• Commitments of trader’s analysis (COT Strategy),
• Technical analysis strategy and
• how to properly manage risk by setting a stop-loss and target based on historical volatility.

If you want to access the excel files, the fundamental scores and weekly updates of analysis, visit:


– Fundamental scores analysis: 1:00
– GDP Analysis: 2:23
– Gold analysis: 7:20
– Stocks analysis: 11:15
– Interest rates analysis: 14:07
– Indices analysis: 19:49
– Headline news: 23:30
– Commitment of traders (COT) analysis: 27:00
– Forex Technical Analysis: 30:30
– Volatility Analysis (Where to put my stop loss and take profit): 43:00

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Forex Trading Strategy (Hedge Fund Method), Forex Event Driven Trading Techniques

Forex Event Driven Trading Techniques, Forex Trading Strategy (Hedge Fund Method).

Ignorance is Not Happiness

The reason I’m spending any time describing what I did above was just to hopefully open your eyes regarding just exactly how complicated making a decision whether or not a spike will continue, can be. It is except the novice, yet most newbies drool over the prospective quick cash that can be made trading these points. As well as many get killed while doing so, due to the fact that they’re essentially appearing at the O.K. Corral with a BB gun. They have couple of, if any statistics, with which to function, or optimized technique, and so on. As well as latency in execution problems, and so on.

As rare as spikes can be, outright sentence in regards to their continuation is a lot more rare. As an instance, for myself, with everything I recognize at this moment, it might occur 2 5 times monthly depending on the context, as well as 5 is pressing it. I’m just human. Any other human with a normal capacity to find out is probably mosting likely to fall in comparable area.

I’m speaking about seeing an initial first reaction to the data or occasion, as well as within seconds of digesting the headlines stating to myself “yes, so long as absolutely nothing else interferes, this is mosting likely to continue, no doubt concerning it.” But after the spike happens, what then? What various other methods of assessment do we have?

What is margin in foreign exchange?

Margin is a vital part of leveraged trading. It is the term used to explain the first down payment you put up to open up as well as keep a leveraged position. When you are trading foreign exchange with margin, bear in mind that your margin requirement will transform depending on your broker, as well as exactly how large your profession size is.

Margin is normally expressed as a percent of the complete position. So, a profession on EUR/GBP, for example, might only need 1% of the total value of the position to be paid in order for it to be opened up. So rather than transferring $100,000, you ‘d only need to transfer $1000.

Final Words:

It may appear as well evident to point out, however an organized chart is much easier to trade, particularly when you comprehend the interaction between deep predisposition as well as danger view as well as exactly how it is playing out on the chart. A disorderly chart mirrors perplexed considering what is fundamental deep predisposition as well as what is danger view. Profits, if you can’t read the chart as well as visualize what the big gamers have to be assuming, you shouldn’t try to trade it, also when the most innovative of indicators are giving you the permission. Clear thinking results in lucrative trades.

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