Day Trading Futures, Fast Start to Day Trading Micro E-mini Futures for Income – Day Trading Courses For Beginners.

Three Steps to Get Started Learning to Trade the Micros:

✅ BOOK: Thousands of new Micro traders have used my book for a fast and easy start to trading futures with the Micros. You can see the Table-Of-Contents at the “look inside” tab on this page: In paperback and eBook, free Prime shipping.

✅ **Live Trade Playlist Winning Strategies**

✅ Here is a FREE TRADE SIMULATOR with no ads and that will keep your trade ledger for you. It is FREE for signing up (no credit card or personal info required) at the CME (Chicago Merc Exchange) at this link:

✅ BROKER: This is the exact same software I use on this channel. Free software. Free Data Feeds. Low Commissions. Free money transfers in/out of your bank. Very low commissions, no robot help lines, just real live smart people ready to help you.

Just fill out the account application, no deposit or credit card required – and you do not have to fund your account until you are ready. For account type select “The Works” – and you will have an account for trading the Micros. When your application is approved: Just fund your account and you are reading to begin trading real time. FYI: If you decide not to later – there is NO charge, obligation or penalty. Just use the FREE TRADE SIMULATOR (above) until you are ready.

✅ Fill out your TastyWorks application at this, my affiliate link: today. In about two business days, you account should be ready (no funding required and if you change your mind, no fees or obligation whatsoever.


✅ 100% Live Trade Playlist: Fill out the TW application and ask for “the works” so you will be able to Day Trade the Micros when you are ready. You do NOT fund the account, just get your application ready:

✅ Watch this special LIVE TRADES playlist to see how it’s done:
✅ Rule #1:
✅Using Stop Loss to Create “Free” Trades.

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Don A. Singletary teaches Micro E-Mini futures trading for S&P500, NASDAQ100, DJIA, and Russell 2000 indexes. This Day Trading channel teaches beginner futures traders with an introduction on trading strategies using easy-to-follow tactics with an emphasis on selecting for small accounts. Learn to practice trade before risking real cash and learn to identify lower risk trades. There is an emphasis on selecting day trading strategies using MACD, candlestick charts, scalping techniques and the use of stop loss orders to place live day trade orders for extra income.

Learning to trade the 1/10th size Micro Eminis can help investors learn how to protect capital while learning winning strategies for extra income, fun, and you gain a valuable skill set to day trading futures that you can use the rest of your life. Special Beginners Playlist with live trades for micro eminis will instruct and easy and fast way to learn to trade futures without all the get-rich-quick hype. Just real strategies that are inexpensive and explained step-by-step.

Welcome to the channel that quickly gathered over 10,000 subscribers quickly to learn these easy methods to learn day trading futures equity index futures. A high leverage and higher risk form of trading that can rival the excitement of the casino experience. This trading is not for everyone, not for retirement, college funds, or other more conservative type traders – but for those who can afford to allot some small segment of their funds to use in a higher risk / higher return method of day trading futures.

Good luck and enjoy the channel- Don Singletary

Fast Start to Day Trading Micro E-mini Futures for Income, Day Trading Futures

How To Do Day Trading Fast Start to Day Trading Micro E-mini Futures for Income.

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Thinking you function 9 to five in the U.S., you could trade prior to or after work. The very best trading approach in those time blocks is to choose the most energetic money sets (those with one of the most price activity). Recognizing what times the significant money markets are open will aid in choosing significant sets.

  • New york city opens at 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST
  • Tokyo opens up at 7:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. EST
  • Sydney opens at 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. EST
  • London opens at 3:00 a.m. to 12:00 twelve noon EST

The markets in Japan and also Europe (open 2:00 a.m.– 11:00 a.m.) remain in full swing so part-time traders can select significant money pairs. These consist of the EUR/JPY pair or the EUR/ CHF pair for major currencies or pairs that include the Hong Kong buck (HKD) or Singapore buck (SGD). The AUD/JPY set may additionally work well for part-time traders readily available throughout the 5 p.m. to twelve o’clock at night timeframe. While it is vital to recognize the best money pairs that fit your timetable, before placing any bets the investor needs to carry out further evaluation on these sets and also the fundamentals of each money.

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