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Learn more: | In this short video Jay Kreps, CEO at Confluent, introduces some key trends and concepts that are at the heart of a revolution that’s happening in data infrastructure and application architectures. He explains Events, Stream Processing, Apache Kafka and Confluent and how large-scale enterprises across industries are evolving to modern architectures and reimagining their company in software.


Confluent, founded by the creators of Apache Kafka®, enables organizations to harness business value of live data. The Confluent Platform manages the barrage of stream data and makes it available throughout an organization. It provides various industries, from retail, logistics and manufacturing, to financial services and online social networking, a scalable, unified, real-time data pipeline that enables applications ranging from large volume data integration to big data analysis with Hadoop to real-time stream processing. To learn more, please visit

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Event-Driven Architectures | Jay Kreps, CEO, Confluent (Overview for Technical Leaders & Executives), What Is Event Driven Trading

What Is Event Driven Trading, Event-Driven Architectures | Jay Kreps, CEO, Confluent (Overview for Technical Leaders & Executives).

Spike Failures

Spike “failures” are equally as usual, otherwise more, than spikes that continue themselves. The thinking behind is quite simple: high frequency algorithms are trading straight off the first data release. As the information gets absorbed, reversal or extension is established as investors dedicate.

There’s not way too much to mention here from a technical viewpoint other than the reality of watching what takes place circa the first pullback in rate.

Volatility Is Not a Toy

Prior to we obtain also much, I’m in fact going to quit. Why? Because I understand this principle can be gotten of context. I want to see to it I repeat the key points right here:

  1. Real spikes that proceed are unusual. If you’re trying to sell the direction of a spike, please describe this short article in regards to capturing significant pullback retracement points, but utilize severe caution and also make certain to very carefully asses the situation well before trading time. Just be prepared and make use of sound judgment.
  2. Spike turnarounds are equally as common, if not more, than spike continuations.
  3. When unsure, stay out. Measuring a sharp relocate cost is one point, yet it is only one part of the equation.

Indeed, among my subconscious objectives for today was to just raise awareness as to exactly how ill-conceived commonplace techniques bordering spike trading can be. Spike trading is perhaps the riskiest and also toughest of all types of trading, yet for one reason or another a concept exists that makes it feels like a simple process.

More ahead on this topic … still starting around these components. Thanks for visiting and see you quickly.

What is margin in foreign exchange?

Margin is an essential part of leveraged trading. It is the term utilized to define the first deposit you put up to open up and also maintain a leveraged placement. When you are trading foreign exchange with margin, remember that your margin need will alter depending upon your broker, and also exactly how large your profession dimension is.

Margin is generally revealed as a percent of the full placement. So, a trade on EUR/GBP, for instance, may only require 1% of the overall worth of the setting to be paid in order for it to be opened up. So rather than transferring $100,000, you ‘d just require to deposit $1000.

Final Thoughts:

Hearkened severe care around that preliminary pullback point. Going after the activity without any type of confirmation in terms of continuation is mosting likely to be your awesome. Quick stop losses in quick markets.

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