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One of the biggest trading pitfalls every trader dreads is when we execute too soon or too late. Anticipating the surge is one of the most important elements of learning how to time the market. In this session, Caylum Trading Institute’s President & CEO Edmund Lee discusses the best framework you can use to gauge when the turnaround comes.

COL Trader Summit 2019 - Identifying Reversals with Edmund Lee, Edmund Lee Momentum Trading

Edmund Lee Momentum Trading, COL Trader Summit 2019 – Identifying Reversals with Edmund Lee.

Just how do short-term investors earn money?

One way to earn money on supplies for which the price is dropping is called short marketing (or going short). Brief marketing is a rather easy concept: a capitalist borrows a supply, sells the stock, and after that gets the stock back to return it to the loan provider. Brief vendors are wagering that the stock they offer will drop in price.

What Is Momentum Spending?

Momentum investing includes an approach to take advantage of the continuance of an existing market fad. It includes going long supplies, futures or market ETFs revealing upward-trending rates and short the particular possessions with downward-trending rates.

Momentum investing holds that patterns can continue for some time, and it’s possible to profit by remaining with a trend up until its final thought, regardless of for how long that might be. For example, Momentum capitalists that went into the UNITED STATE stock market in 2009 normally delighted in an uptrend up until December 2018.

Can any person short a supply?

The primary risk of shorting a supply is that it will really increase in value, resulting in a loss. The prospective price recognition of a supply is in theory endless and, therefore, there is no limitation to the prospective loss of a brief placement. Nude short marketing is the except supplies that you do not possess.


Momentum is a crucial concept that has confirmed useful for determining the probability of a lucrative profession. Measurements of Momentum can be used in the short and long-term, making them beneficial in all kinds of trading approaches. Several technological trading tools are readily available to disclose the stamina of patterns and whether a trade on a certain property might be a good bet.

Nonetheless, investors should be forewarned that Momentum forecasts are usually calculated utilizing measurements of past price patterns. Actual Momentum and price can transform anytime based upon events that weren’t factored right into the initial computations. As a result of this, it’s important to take preventative steps, such as establishing stop-losses, to guard versus unpredicted price reversals in even the most potential Momentum situations.

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Disclaimer about Risk

Please note that trading in leveraged items might involve a significant degree of risk and is not ideal for all capitalists. You should not run the risk of greater than you are prepared to shed. Before deciding to trade, please ensure you comprehend the dangers included and take into consideration your degree of experience. Seek independent advice if essential.

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