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Australian accounts is a cash account which means u can’t short stock and if you make a day trade and close that day trade you can’t trade again with those funds including your own equity until it’s cleared which takes 2 days, well u can open a trade straight after u just can’t close the trade until 2 days later
NAB Aust have a margin account to trade international but not to sure how it all works I’m looking into it, it all looks very basic and long process to place a trade but it’s meant to be live , it’s called NABTRADE IRESS VIEWPONT.

I chatted to speedtrader last night they were really rude and kept asking me am I done with questions , there site lacks info on everything and the site is owned by and is the sister broker of suretrader same guy started both brokerages , nothing but bad bad reviews on the net about speedtrader! I had a bad feeling just chatting to them.

They can definitely do it are based in new York won heaps of awards, very extensive website and were very very helpful and professional, said they would walk u through everything , they have many many trading platforms available and there main platform is complex and rated one of the best, so at this stage it’s them winning the race, they are $25000 min for margin acc with is standard

Found another broker who can do margin accounts for Australians they are called “tradestation” and based in the US they seemed very pro when I chatted to them. Their minimum is $2000 but you still will need $25000 to as much as you want per day .

For now I’ll prob get back to suretrader apparently they are getting better and save the profits, so far I have had no prob with their service and I love their platform DASTRADERpro you can check out DAStraderpro on their website “dastrader” it’s the same platform they use on Wall Street for high frequency trading execution are very fast. I’ve been using it for 18months

LIGHTSPEED – comes out on top by far / US BASED / BIG POPULAR BROKER Amongst pro traders Office in NEWYORK/ great platforms / great customer service / minimum $25000 for no PDT rule / minimum $25000 / 4:1 leverage / insured / good reviews
TRADESTATION – second option US BASED / good platforms / good customer service / minimum $25000 for no PDT rule or if trading less $2000 minimum/ 4:1 leverage / insured / good reviews
UNDER 25k no ptd rules SURTRADER / $500 minimum / based in Bahamas / very low insurance only 1million dollars lol so if something goes wrong kiss your money good buy! / good customer service / great platform and app / 6:1 leverage / dodgy reviews but probly by people who have no idea about trading / higher fees than others. TRADEZERO – exactly like sure traded and also based in the Bahamas.
My opinion – start with suretrader build up profit practice practice practice save save save with a small account and then graduate to big US LEGIT account LIGHTSPEED and live happily ever after or at least until you get a Lamborghini hurricane
ROB LIVSON (business development / customer service / main man) at LIGHTSPEED newyork ,who was super helpful and said if any of us from Australia signed up in the future He would personally walk us through the whole process of account applications / software demos / and anything else we need to know including platform training . This guy was very helpful and a full bottle on potential international clients wanting to trade US penny stocks

Article for European traders highlighting Lightspeed are keen to help improve the trading experience.

If your interested in joining profitly and getting Timothy Sykes video lessons and alerts here is the link for pricing :).

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Brokers for day traders in Australia, Best Trading Platform For Day Traders

Day Trading Tactics Brokers for day traders in Australia.

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These techniques might also serve you well as a part-time foreign exchange investor:

Take less settings and hold for days.

It is important that you recognize the vehicle drivers of your currency pairs and have taken the time to really recognize your market. Therefore, after studying the market and limiting specific preferred currency pairs, choosing a couple of settings and holding them for a longer time period is a prudent technique for part-timers. One more wise technique is to place in stop-loss orders with all your professions to reduce any kind of losses if the market relocates versus you.

Take a look at lasting fads.

There is value in looking at longer-term fads (daily/weekly) instead of looking at per hour or even four-hour graphes. This will certainly allow you to trade while looking at your computer system just once a day.

Set up trading orders.

Setting limit, stop-loss or various other entry/exit orders can guarantee you do not miss out on possibilities to get in or exit settings. Many trading systems enable these orders without extra costs.

Use innovation!

Set up computerized informs to your cellphone or email to maintain you notified of currency rate movements while you are not proactively trading.

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