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The turnover in the global FX market is almost ten times larger than in all stock markets combined. However, surprisingly little is known about HFT and algorithmic trading in this space. This webinar will provide insights into some of the unique aspects of this fast-growing market.

Economist, Consultant, and Author, Dr. Alexis Stenfors helms this session on ‘Algorithmic Trading In FX Markets’ wherein he talks about the FX markets, why it is special, and focuses on liquidity in the FX Markets. He highlights how liquidity has changed with the rise of Algorithmic Trading and also shares some tidbits from his research.

Dr. Stenfors:
• is a Senior Lecturer at University of Portsmouth and MD, Alexis Stenfors & Co.
• has held academic positions at SOAS University of London, the University of Leeds, Washington University in St. Louis (London programme) and Meiji University in Tokyo.
• is an economist and author of ‘Barometer of Fear: An Insider’s Account of Rogue Trading and the Greatest Banking Scandal in History’
• is a public speaker and consults on issues related to financial markets, risk, compliance and ethics
• has served as an expert advisor on legal cases involving financial benchmarks, cash and derivatives markets in both Europe and North America.
• spent 15 years as a foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives trader at HSBC, Citi, Crédit Agricole and Merrill Lynch

Dr. Stenfors has conducted this session and covers the following topics:
• What makes FX a unique asset class?
• The importance of market conventions
• Three dimensions of liquidity
• High-frequency and algorithmic FX trading
• Some empirical observations
• Implications and takeaways

This recording, along with the power point presentation can be found on our blog here:

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Algorithmic Trading In FX Markets By Dr. Alexis Stenfors - January 30, 2019, Forex Algorithmic Trading Market

Forex Algorithmic Trading Market, Algorithmic Trading In FX Markets By Dr. Alexis Stenfors – January 30, 2019.

Can Google patterns forecast securities market?

Past research suggests that the family member adjustment in the volume of Google searches for economic terms such as “financial obligation” or “stocks” can be made use of to prepare for securities market patterns. An evaluation using the search term “financial obligation” in Google Trends to forecast securities market direction was released April 2013 in Scientific Information.

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Author: Eugene A. Durenard

Fundamentals of algo Trading: Concepts and also Examples

algo trading (likewise called Automated trading, black-box trading, or algo-trading) uses a computer system program that complies with a specified set of directions (a formula) to put a trade. The profession, in theory, can produce earnings at a speed and also frequency that is difficult for a human investor.

The defined collections of directions are based on timing, cost, amount, or any kind of mathematical version. Apart from revenue possibilities for the investor, algo-trading renders markets a lot more liquid and also trading a lot more organized by ruling out the impact of human feelings on trading activities.

algo Trading in Practice
Suppose an investor complies with these simple profession standards:

Buy 50 shares of a stock when its 50-day relocating typical goes above the 200-day relocating standard. (A relocating standard is an average of past data factors that smooths out everyday cost variations and also thus recognizes patterns.).
Sell shares of the supply when its 50-day relocating typical goes below the 200-day relocating standard.
Utilizing these 2 simple directions, a computer system program will instantly monitor the supply cost (and also the relocating typical signs) and also put the deal orders when the defined conditions are fulfilled. The investor no longer requires to monitor live rates and also graphs or put in the orders manually. The algo trading system does this instantly by appropriately identifying the trading possibility.

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